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Head Golf Professional                                                                                  Pete Micklewright

Assistant Golf Professional & Junior Golf Coordinator                                       Mike Frisina

Assistant Golf Professional                                                                            Steve Flash

Assistant Golf Professional                                                                            Tommy Jones

PGM Intern                                                                                                  Jesse Cantley


Dear Parents and Grandparents,

Welcome to the Junior Golf Program at Edgewood Country Club.  Our intent is to introduce your children to a great sport they can play for the rest of their lives.  The program is designed to be a fun and safe activity for kids while providing sound instruction on the fundamentals, rules, and etiquette of golf.  This booklet includes the information you need to know about the program, schedule of events, and registration form.

The success of the program is dependent on parental involvement.  Parents will be required to participate as monitors on one play day in order for their children to be eligible for the program.  No experience in golf is necessary for the parents as we will help and train you that day or put you with a more experienced monitor to “show you the ropes and guide you through the experience.”

To participate in the Junior Golf Program Play Days each child must be 7-17 years of age on or before July 1.  The Program is open to all children or grand-children of members here at Edgewood.  We are also offering several clinics for children ages 6 and under during the year.  Two “Family Fun Days” are once again included on the schedule for children of all ages.  Please refer to the enclosed schedule for times and dates. 

All juniors must carry their own bag and be dressed in proper golf attire to participate in clinics or play days.  All shirts must be tucked in. We are looking forward to working with your children.  Please feel free to contact the Golf Professional Shop with any questions you may have. 

The following format will be followed:

Experience Level         Report             Tee Off Time               # of Holes Played

18 Holers                    7:30 am           8:10 am                          9 or 18 Holes

9 Holers                      7:30 am           8:10 am                          9 Holes

6 Holers                      8:20 am           9:00 am                          6 Holes

3 Holers                      9:10 am           9:40 am                          3 Holes

1 Holers                      9:50 am           10:20 am                        1 or 2 Holes

In addition to the instruction offered in the program, the Professional Staff offer lessons and clinics throughout the year.

1 Holers         

These juniors are new to golf and do not yet have the ability, or attention span, to play many holes or practice for long periods of time.  Our main goal with 1 Holers will be to focus on making golf fun and exposing them to the basic fundamentals.  Clinics will include instruction on the basics, fun games, and contests.  On Play Days, 1 Holers will play one or two holes from the junior tees with a monitor. 

3 Holers         

To become a 3-Holer, 1-Holers will qualify by scoring a 9(nine) or less twice, on the hole they play.  3-Holers will have basic instruction on full swing, putting, chipping, or bunker play.  Additionally, we will start to explain the basic rules and etiquette as well as conduct games and contests.  On Play Days, 3-Holers will play a three-hole loop from the junior tees with a monitor.  

6 Holers         

To qualify for the 6-Holer group, a junior must score 24 or less twice, on the three holes listed above, and also pass a rules/etiquette quiz.  6-Holers will have instruction similar to 3-Holers with an emphasis on rules and etiquette.  Our goals will be to prepare these juniors to play nine holes in a timely manner.  On Play Days, 6-Holers will play a six-hole loop from the Red Tees with the supervision of a monitor.

9 Holers         

Scoring 45 or less twice on the six-hole loop will enable a junior to become a 9-Holer.  A rules/etiquette quiz must also be completed and passed.  Instruction will be more specific on all areas of the game and the rules/etiquette of golf.  Challenging games and contests will be organized to help skill development.  On Play Days, 9-Holers will play either the Front or Back Nine without a monitor’s supervision.  Boys will play from the white tees and girls will play from the red tees.

18 Holers       

The qualifying test to become an 18-Holer will be carding a score of 55 or less twice, for nine holes, during a designated qualifying round.  On Wednesdays, 18-Holers will be exposed to more intense instruction and be required to have a solid understanding of the rules of golf.  Our goal is to have all 18-Holers skilled enough to play without supervision.  Additionally, we would like those who show sincere interest in golf to reach their potential to play in high school or college.  On Play Days, 18-Hole Boys will play from the white tees and 18-Hole Girls will play from the red tees.

All Play Day scores must be submitted to the Golf Professional Staff.

All starting divisions will be based on scores posted during the 2016 Junior Golf Play Days.  If your child did not participate last year, please contact the Golf Shop and a member of the professional staff will evaluate your child’s experience level prior to the start of the Junior Golf Season.


If there is a chance of cancellation due to inclement weather, a decision will be made by 7:00 A.M.  Please call the Golf Shop at (412) 823-2220 that morning.


Points are accumulated by attending junior golf days, playing in events, answering questions regarding rules/etiquette, and displaying a positive attitude towards golf and others. 

Point totals will be tallied by the Professional Staff.  At the end of the summer, the top point leaders will receive prizes! 

The following awards will be presented as well:

Junior Club Champion (18-Holers)

Junior Club Champion (9-Holers)

Junior Club Champion (6-Holers)

Junior Club Champion (3-Holers)

Junior Club Champion (1-Holers)

Donald Ross Award

This award will be given to the junior who has shown the most improvement from the beginning of the year.

Arnold Palmer Award

Awarded to the male junior golfer who displays an especially strong ambition and desire towards the game of golf.

Annika Sorenstam Award

Awarded to the female junior golfer who displays an especially strong ambition and desire towards the game of golf.

Family Fun Days

We will be holding two “Family Fun Days” this summer.  The first tee will be reserved this day from 2:00-3:00 specifically for families to come out and enjoy our golf course.  Junior tees will be set up on the Front Nine and fun games will be held throughout the golf course.  This day is designed to attract ECC children of all ages, along with their parents (regardless of his/her membership classification) and grandparents to come and share a great afternoon together on the golf course.   These will be held on Saturday June 3rd  and Saturday July 8th.

ECC Junior League Interclub Team (Additional Fee will apply)

In 2016, ECC started a Junior Interclub team for kids between the ages of 7-13 who had achieved the status of being a 6 holer or better by the start of the season.  The team competed against teams from South Hills, Diamond Run, Montour Heights, and Allegheny.  We were thrilled with the success of this program and plan to continue it again for the 2017 season.  The golf staff will be contacting all eligible juniors in the spring regarding participating on this team and with a schedule of the match dates.

The following is the schedule for the Junior Golf program.  There will be no pro-rated fee for partial attendance.  The cost is $130 per golfer.  This fee includes the weekly Professional instruction prior to all Play Days listed, Championship Awards, Participation Awards, a Callaway Junior Golf Glove (given on the first play day to all juniors), and a USGA Rules of Golf Book.  The fee also includes one additional clinic from the dates listed at the bottom of the page.  Space is limited in each clinic.  Please call the Golf Shop at (412) 823-2220 to sign up.

Saturday          June 3              Family Fun Day                      Tee times from 2:00 - 3:00

Wednesday      June 28             Play Day                               Start Time Based on Experience

Wednesday      July 5                Play Day                               Start Time based on Experience

Saturday          July 8               Family Fun Day                      Tee times from 2:00 – 3:00

Wednesday      July 12              Play Day                               Start Time Based on Experience

Thursday        July 20              Play Day                               Start Time Based on Experience

Wednesday      July 26              Play Day                               Start Time Based on Experience

Saturday         July 29              Adult Junior Chapman             5:00 PM Shotgun

Wednesday      August 2           Play Day                                Start Time Based on Experience

Wednesday      August 9           Junior Championship               Start Time Based on Age

                                                                                           Cookout – Awards 11:00 Start Time 


Tuesday Evening Clinics

In addition to the Play Day program, we will be offering additional clinics throughout the summer.  Included in the Junior Golf Program fee is participation in one of these clinics free of charge.  The cost of each additional clinic will be $20 per golfer.  Each clinic will be held on Tuesday afternoon from 5:00pm-6:00pm.  There is a maximum of 15 students per session.  Please call the Golf Shop Staff at (412) 823-2220, in advance, to sign up for any or all of these dates. These clinics will include more in depth instruction on all facets of the game.  Here is a list of those clinic dates. 

June 6th            June 13th          June 20th          June 27th          July 4th             July 11th              July 18th July 25th               Aug. 1st           Aug. 8th


Young Junior Clinics – Ages 4 to 6

Once again, we will be offering several clinics for all children ages 4 to 6.  This will be designed as a fun first atmosphere with a solid introduction to golf included.  These young junior clinics will run from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM on the dates listed below.  The cost is $15 per clinic.  Golf clubs will be provided if needed.  No experience necessary! Fun is guaranteed!!!


Saturday, June 17th                             Sunday, July 2nd                                  Sunday, August 13th